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    Beach Olympics


    Camber Sands is the location for this - the ultimate in Olympic Challenges!

    Camber Sands boasts one of the finest sandy beaches on the south coast and is a site of site of scientific, geographical and nature interest. The large dune system is the only one in East Sussex and is regularly used by TV and film companies for location filming.

    Beach Olympics teambuildling imageBeach Olympics features events such as Horseshoes, the Ski Walk, Frisbee Golf, Stepping Stones, Giant bowling, Hula Hoop Curling and others to produce our own Decathlon Event. Played in teams or as individuals, the objective is to score points according to performance. The appropriate Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be presented at a special Closing Ceremony back at the hotel.

    The event will be tailored to the group and can be themed to match the group's objectives with various 'branded' items also being incorporated into the event.

    Events can be held during the day or, in the summer, in the early evening and normally last up to half a day. Refreshments can be incorporated into the event.

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