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    Hot Air Ballooning


    Experience the thrill and peaceful serenity of hot air ballooning high above the Sussex countryside. Floating peacefully on the breeze, the hidden beauty of the countryside gradually unfolds beneath you. The balloon normally flies between 500 and 1500 feet but where conditions permit, descends to tree top level or climbs as high as 4000 feet to enjoy the panoramic views of the Garden of England and beyond. The balloon is fitted with an onboard camera to record the adventure.

    Towards the end of your flight your pilot will look for a landing site free of animals and standing crop before guiding the balloon gently back to earth.

    The retrieve vehicle follows the balloon and is in radio contact with the pilot. After landing the balloon is packed away and in the flight is celebrated with champagne. As a lasting reminder of your adventure, you will be presented with a flight certificate detailing your flight and signed by the pilot. An in-flight photo (as above) taken during the flight will also be available for purchase.

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