Wedding Diary Planner

Please find the following diary planning tool below. We have highlighted a number of tasks that could be undertaken in respective order, assuming you have six months to plan the big day:

6 months before your wedding day
• agree on a budget with your family and partner
• book the church or register office. If the location is a newly licensed venue like The George in Rye, you will need to provisionally book the registrar, but you must confirm with them 3 months before the wedding date
• book your wedding cars, photographer and video company
• compile your wedding guest list, consulting both families. Choose the best man, ushers, bridesmaids and page boys
• book the reception venue
• book the honeymoon especially if you plan to travel during peak season
• consider taking out wedding insurance
• investigate and arrange the entertainment for the reception
• start looking for the wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. If you plan to have them made book a designer at least four months ahead of the wedding

5 months before your wedding day
• arrange the hire of any formal wear for the groom, best man, ushers and the fathers

4 months before your wedding day
• meet and confirm arrangements with the minister. Discuss the service, any readings and your choice of music
• book registrar office now if appropriate
• order your wedding stationary such as invitations (day and evening), orders of service, place cards, etc
• organise and book your wedding flowers. It may be worth contacting other couples who are getting married the same day to see if you can share the cost of the flowers for the church
• choose and order your wedding rings
• order your wedding cake. Discuss with the reception venue if you require a cake stand and knife

3 months before your wedding day
• confirm wedding music with minister
• finalise your honeymoon plans and check for any visas or vaccinations that may be necessary. If the bride plans to change here name have the passport name changed now so they are the same as the travel documents, forms can be obtained from the Post Office
• book you wedding night hotel
• shop for your honeymoon and going away clothes
• place your wedding list with stores of your choice

2 months before your wedding day
• send out your wedding invitations at least six weeks before the wedding. Have your wedding present list ready for people who ask for it
• if presents are sent to you before the wedding send a thank you letter now
• ensure guests have details of local accommodation
• choose your presents for the best man, ushers, bridesmaids and mothers

1 months before your wedding day
• any late invitation replies should be chased up to enable you to finalise the guest list. Work out the seating plan and write out the place cards
• check that the wedding clothes will be ready on time (they need to be ready at least one week before)
• bride to visit the hairdresser to discuss what style is required and to book final appointment. Don't forget to take the brides wedding head-dress if appropriate
• check all transportation has been arranged and check the journey time to the church.
• order money for the honeymoon
• notify banks, gas, insurance companies etc if bride planning to change her name
• Advise venue of the final guest numbers in writing two weeks before the wedding
• don't forget to ensure the stag and hen nights are arranged

1 week before your wedding day
• final checks on the honeymoon arrangements. Check tickets, local currency, travellers cheques and passports. Please them in safe place
• pack your clothes for the honeymoon you wont need before the wedding
• have the rehearsal for the wedding ceremony and check that the wedding 'orders of service' have been given to the best man or ushers
• check wedding dress accessories and the morning suits have been collected (try them to make sure they all still fit). Wear in any shoes that are new
• final practice of hair and make up for the bride

On your wedding day
You need to be able to relax and enjoy your big day , so ask your friends and family to see that any arrangements are made for you on the day.
• the case for your honeymoon needs to be sent to your overnight hotel
• after you have changed into your going away clothes, your wedding outfits need to be packed and taken home
• your wedding presents need to be carefully packed up and taken home. Keep your presents at a friends or family members home until you return from your honeymoon