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The Role of the Bridesmaids

General duties
A bridesmaid is usually a sister of the bride or groom or a close friend of the bride. Older bridesmaids will liaise with the bride and chief bridesmaid during the wedding preparations and help with the choice of dresses. Younger ones will not be expect to take an active part in the planning stage but their mothers may get involved instead.

6 months before the wedding day
Discuss the plans with the bride, groom and best man and chief bridesmaid
Discuss the dress or outfit with the bride, especially if being made. Ascertain who will pay for the outfit.

1 week before the wedding day
Attend the wedding rehearsal if required.

The day before the wedding
Collect any hired clothing and accessories.

On the wedding day
Receive any final instructions from the chief bridesmaid.
Get dressed and help any younger attendants.
Leave for the ceremony 10 minutes before the bride.

At the church
Follow behind the chief bridesmaid or matron of honour up the aisle.
Leave the church after the chief bridesmaid.
Depart for the reception with the chief bridesmaid and any other bridesmaids.

At the reception
Stand in the receiving line and greet the guests, if required.
Distribute slices of the wedding cake to the guests.

After the wedding
Return any hired clothing and accessories.