Vegetarian Private Dining Menu at The George in Rye

Please note menus are sample menus and may be subject to change

Four root vegetable soup (v, vv) (potato, parsnip, carrot, swede)
Pear salad with walnuts, Roquefort, rocket and mustard dressing (v) (this can be made vegan without Roquefort)
Apple, pear and beetroot salad in a bed of lettuce (v, vv)
Sweet and sour poached leeks with dill and lemon dressing

Main course
Roast butternut squash with wild mushroom and spinach (v, vv)
Celeriac puree with caramelised apples, walnut and watercress (v, vv)
Fennel and tomato stuffed red pepper with roasted vegetables (v, vv)
Steamed four grains with herbs and couscous salad (v, vv) (kidney beans, pinto beans, rice, chick peas)

Raspberry sorbet (v, vv)
Chocolate, almond and Armagnac cake (v)
Homemade yoghurt ice cream (v)
Baked figs with crème fraiche and honey (v)
Homemade brown bread ice cream (v)

Key: v - vegetarian, vv - vegan