Richard Harris

Richard was born in 1967, Hammersmith, West London. During adolescence his family moved south of the river, where he spent most of his primary years daydreaming; it was quite apparent he was at his happiest with a pencil or paint brush. Richard was about 10 years old when his dad gave him his first camera, "I think it was a hand-me-down he won in a poker game". Never the less, it was the start of a love affair. During the Brixton riots his parents up-sticks and moved to Buckinghamshire where his love for the arts flourished. For about six years or so, Richard was making bespoke sofas and soft furnishings; it was during this time his love for music and abstract imagery developed. As a lighting engineer he was excited by the energy and atmosphere he created with light. "We so easily forget the shapes of things; that's why I love shadows and silhouettes, they just have a mystery and rawness about them, for me it makes the subject much more interesting". With the use of photography, projection and original music, by 1993/94, Richard was displaying large installations in bars, clubs & restaurants.


Telephone: (0) 1797 227355