Rye Fine Art

Born London 1954. As an 18 year old hitch-hiked around Europe looking for something to do Returned to England and completed Foundation course at Norwich school of Art. Completed Degree course at Goldsmiths College in 1977. Following years made up of travelling, working with the disenfranchised in our society and producing the occasional piece of work based on these experiences. Brought Rye Fine Art in 2004 to produce and exhibit own work and run art classes whilst still working with the homeless and the disabled People, in different situations and environments and my experiences at work and travel form the basis of much of my work. My images will sometimes focus on the narrative or will attempt to try and capture the moment but whatever the emphasis or content, colour and texture always play a key element and this I achieve by working with a range of materials on different surfaces.


Website: http://www.ryefineart.co.uk/